We love nothing more than completing the job when we say we will, delivering what you need when you need it and on budget.  We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most intense deadlines and pressure. Let us manage the details that trip up a lot of others.  Your fate can't - must not - rest with those who are not fast enough, creative enough, nimble enough to craft and construct your success. 

On time.  On budget.


make your voice heard.

our services

  • Legislative Advocacy - Federal, State and Local Grassroots Campaigns
    Identifying or recruiting your support and opening doors for them to speak out to legislators on your behalf to reinforce your message
  • Ballot Campaigns - Federal, State, Local and Organizational
    Building name recognition, identifying your support, persuading undecideds and turning out the vote
  • Research Studies - Market Research, Competitive, Satisfaction and Engagement
    Finding out the truth about the hearts and minds of your constituents, your customers, your employees, even your competition
  • Membership Development - Associations, Coalitions, Chambers, Not-for-Profits
    For associations, chambers and other membership organizations
  • New Business Development - Lead Generation, Qualification and Appointment Setting
    Getting your sales force off the phone, off the computer and out there meeting with qualified prospects

Executive Communications provides direct contact services that Local, State and National organizations use successfully to cultivate support, influence legislation, win elections, gather competitive intelligence and grow membership.  Consistently delivering on time and on or under budget , we know the ins and outs of direct contact like no one else.  We are experts in the sensitivities critical to political communication, truth discovery and representing your organization to the outside world.  Our experience is the difference between a successful and cost efficient and campaign, or the risk of a hit-and-miss costly one.  Since 1997, ECI continues to come through for our clients time and again.

get down to business.

What's more important than a deadline?  Nothing.

Our associates have solid backgrounds and proven talent in both business and political communication. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, campaign after campaign.

Here at ECI we've developed a proprietary process for planning, tracking, and managing programs from tens of thousands of contacts to even the smallest campaign. We pinpoint and deliver what your success demands.

Your success is our priority.  From local and state to federal initiatives, our sole goal is to win results for you.  We are not in this to win awards; Sometimes the two just happen to come together. 



It makes all the difference.

get the job done

uncover the truth.